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[24 Nov 2017|10:30pm]


Anybody want a football? Willing to trade.

[Rogue (616)]
Thinking about letting Katniss out to chase the squirrels around the park. Wanna come and grab something from the food cart?

Still in a holy spirit?

Yeah fine you're not really my sister, but you getting along okay now? The whole being locked in an attic thing. I mean you were kinda crazy.

Guessing they didn't let you keep your ship, but they have little paddle ones you can rent out at the lake. If you're into that sorta thing.

You doing a menorah? Not sure what "year" this is or when it officially begins, but the whole secret santa thing reminded me.

[24 Nov 2017|10:27pm]


Does anyone from this planet have any interest in visiting these museums with me? It would be helpful to have some context to fully appreciate the culture and history.

SEKRIT SANTA [24 Nov 2017|04:13pm]


Anyone can participate, kids under 13 need help from their guardians to buy presents though so it's okay if the guardian knows who their recipients are!

★ Peter Parker (MCU)
★ Tony Stark (MCU)
★ Michelle Jones (MCU)
★ Maria Hill
★ Alex Morales
★ Peggy Carter
★ Bail Organa
★ Amilyn Holdo
★ Clark Kent
★ Sam Winchester
★ Diana Prince
★ Wanda Maximoff
★ Literally just fill out and past this code as a comment

★ Details about how much characters spend, where they can buy gifts (etc) are pending. This post is mostly for organizational purposes. Feel free to have characters suggest making crafts or fermenting some of the cider from the Christmas Market (joke, don't do that) untilmore info is released :)
★ TRY to keep this as much of an OOC sekrit as an IC sekrit
★ No trading your gifter with someone else's gifter. It's all supposed to be a sekrit!
Sign-Ups Close on December 1st
★ Gifts Will be Delivered on December 16th. (There will be a post to past links/images on that date)

[24 Nov 2017|03:11pm]


[Young Millennials]
So, I've kind of got a job to do this month that I could use some help with.

Who's interested in helping me start up a Secret Santa?

[24 Nov 2017|01:43pm]


[Peter Parker (MCU)]
Hey, Training Wheels.
I need a favor.

[23 Nov 2017|06:55pm]


[Max Eisenhardt]

Backdated to this morning. [23 Nov 2017|07:27pm]


[Filtered to 616 Avengers & SHIELD (not Doom) + Squad 2]
I've never cooked a Thanksgiving meal in my life, and I'm not about to start now.

But there are about four food trucks and a Halal Guys in Grand Army Plaza. Which might actually be better than turkey. So if anyone would like to celebrate Thanksgiving, I found a feast!

3 o'clock? Open to friends.

Anyone who tries to fight gets banished to Trump Rink.

[23 Nov 2017|05:49pm]


Being this close to home is crazy. I hope my parents are okay. All of them.

Did you get the Card and gift I left you?

[Tony Stark (616)]
I'm probably going to do a little Thanksgiving thing with my sister. Do you want to come, too?

Happy thanksgiving!

[23 Nov 2017|01:23pm]


Just as you approach the darkest point in your life, you mysteriously receive a one way ticket with the promise of a better life. However, once you've redeemed your ticket, there is no turning back. Some find comfort in their new home, while others are desperate to leave. A revolution is in the works, what side will you take?

one way ticket

[23 Nov 2017|05:25am]


So Central Park really wasn't always a giant slum. I didn't believe it when I was a kid, but here I am seeing it with my own eyes. How'd people fuck this up?

[23 Nov 2017|12:51am]


I am thankful for many positive circumstances and outcomes that make up my existence.

Still, it is overshadowed by how much I miss my family and to have just lost another.

It is customary to ask: What are you thankful for?

[23 Nov 2017|12:23am]


I felt more at home there than I do here.

Have you been to New York City before?

[23 Nov 2017|12:10am]


They've got horses here that you can rent. Anyone needs me, that's where I'll be.

[23 Nov 2017|12:09am]


This roommate thing isn't going to work for me.

So what's recommended as the first thing someone should check out here?

[22 Nov 2017|02:33pm]


Pretty sure pink camouflage doesn't really help with the whole blending into your surroundings idea. But I do appreciate the warmth, also the pencils.

[22 Nov 2017|12:33am]


When do we get the disco back?

[21 Nov 2017|09:30pm]


[Sharon Carter (616)]
Want to hit up a museum with me tomorrow? I'd have suggested today but I want to soak in my tub for a few hours.

[22 Nov 2017|12:18am]


Out of curiosity, how many New Yorkers do we have here? It seems like people are overall pretty familiar with Central Park.

[Filtered to Sharon Carter 616]
I dropped of a revised summary of the Woman in White with my mission report.

How do you want to do this?

[21 Nov 2017|11:24pm]


New York is very different from the last time I saw it.

[21 Nov 2017|10:12pm]


I do not sleep in a pod. This is an absolute outrage.

I'd like to file a formal complaint to the management.

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