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[23 Sep 2017|02:21pm]


Wittgenstein Event: Panem et Circenses. )

[23 Sep 2017|02:59am]


Welcome to the Hunger: Bloodbath )

[23 Sep 2017|01:55pm]



ARENA 💎 INTERACTIVE MAP 💎 FAQ 💎 SPONSOR SHOP 💎 SPONSOR FUNDS 💎 Betting odds: Winner 💎 Betting odds: Other

Sponsor Funds
  • Squad 1 - Tributes (M. Hill / D. Johnson) - Mentors (S. Carter / B. Barnes (616) - 770 pts
  • Squad 2 - Tributes (N. Romanova / D. Grayson) - Mentors (B. Banner / T. Stark (616)
    ) - 620 pts
  • Squad 3 - Tributes (B. Barnes (MCU) / D. Lewis) - Mentors (P. Carter / S. Wilson) - 770 pts
  • Squad 4 - Tributes (P. Maximoff / W. Maximoff) - Mentor (B. Banner (MCU) - 730 pts
  • Squad 5 - Tributes (Lucretia / M. Murdock) - Mentor (C. Danvers) - 510 pts
  • Squad 6 - Tributes (R. Darkholme / Rogue (616) - Mentor (C. Xavier) - 480 pts
  • Squad 7 - Tributes (H. McCoy / E. Frost) - Mentor (J. Grey (616) - 590 pts
  • Squad 8 - Tributes (M. Gold / Rocket) - Mentor (B. Rook) - 900 pts
  • Squad 9 - Tributes (P. Dameron / B. Organa) - Mentor (L. Organa) - 500 pts
  • Squad 10 - Tributes (H. Quinn / Phasma) - Mentors (D. Prince / B. Wayne (DCEU) ) - 790 pts
  • Squad 11 - Tributes (Helena / L. Lane) - Mentor (C. Niehaus) - 700 pts
  • Squad 12 - Tributes (J. Harvelle / S. Winchester) - Mentor (A. Jensen) - 700
  • Squad 13 - Tributes (R. Mills / P. Fisher) - Mentor (M. Tyrell) - 680 pts

Councillors & Jurors: Comment below with sponsor gifts for your squad. Specify what you are buying, its cost, and which tribute you are sending it to.

Tributes Comment here with any traps or changes you have made or would like to make to the arena.

Remember: the survival of humanity depends on your contribution!

[23 Sep 2017|01:53pm]


Wittgenstein Reward: Welcome to the Hunger. )

[23 Sep 2017|01:52pm]

Welcome to the Hunger: FAQ )

[23 Sep 2017|12:06pm]

Hunger Games Bingo )

[22 Sep 2017|08:41pm]


Who: Darcy Lewis and Bucky Barnes
When: The night before the Hunger Games
Where: The Hotel
What: Food. Possible violence against a building.
Rating: TBD

You look like a Medium-Rare kind of guy. )

[22 Sep 2017|11:14pm]


[ooc: backdated to before the HG announcement]

[Hank & Rogue]
Be careful, wherever they're sending you.

[22 Sep 2017|09:43pm]


Who: Lucretia and Matt Murdock
When: Hunger Games scenario
Where: Their hotel room
What: A helping hand
Rating: TBA / Anticipated low

Quote )

[22 Sep 2017|08:38pm]


So since I got totally robbed from my debut as an Avenger AND we're missing out on the Disco King (were we getting a David Bowie cameo?) I'm opening up bets to the floor. Pass me your dollars and make some awesome cash off our buddies doing some cool gladiator stuff.

And if you're worried about people judging you or whatever, I'm keeping the books private and you can slip me cash under the table.

Betting Odds:
For the winner- These odds will be updated daily to reflect current standings! Get your bets in early for the best payout rates.
For first to kill, first death, number of day 1 deaths, and most kills*- Bets available first day only! (*Most kills will be for the entire Hunger Games, but you have to lock it in before it starts)

[22 Sep 2017|09:00pm]


[At 9 PM on the dot, the network cuts out for all devices. Instead, a video plays on their devices and any nearby screens.]

It is the Aim of the Wittgenstein Institution to study human nature and society building, while of this may include conflict and competition we tend to prefer metaphor to outright slaughter. However, as scientists, we are obligated to respond to the data we are given.

In response to heightened public anticipation and interest, we have suspended SCEN052478 - Bring Me the Disco King in favor of a straightforward scenario based on world 627PAN - The Hunger Games with some alterations for our organization and protections for minors.

The video then diverges.

Specimens at the compound get a video about the basic rules of the Hunger Games:
  • 26 enter, 1 will leave.
  • Individual squads can sponsor their tributes, sending them food, medical items, etc which they can earn money for by participation in events at the compound in their scenario specific clothing.
  • Only squad council representatives and jurors can send sponsor gifts
  • While they are not being punished for any mythic rebellion, many did play a role in the hysteria that led to this scenario. They owe it to their compatriots to watch and consider the impact of mass hysteria on social order in the future.

Specimens to go to the arena will receive a rundown of how the arena will work focusing in on:
  • the mechanics of the Cornucopia (don't leave your plate before the timer goes off (with an audible ding) or you'll explode.).
  • Your squads will be watching and hopefully cheering for you.
  • This is the Hunger Games. You will not leave until only one tribute is left standing.

[It takes about 15 minutes, then network access is restored for the Wittgenstein compound only.]

[22 Sep 2017|08:52pm]


I don't see why everyone gets to go murder people but me.

[22 Sep 2017|05:36pm]

Hunger Games Bingo )

[22 Sep 2017|08:22pm]


[Charl Er Max Mut

Hey if I die and don't come back, you can have my CD player and CDs.

[22 Sep 2017|08:07pm]


[Filtered to Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers (both 616), Daisy Johnson]
There's been discussion of previous plans to collaborate, but those have not surprisingly soured.

What is priority for this mission, as much as we know or don't about it?

[22 Sep 2017|11:19pm]


[22 Sep 2017|05:30pm]


May the odds be ever in your favor.

[22 Sep 2017|05:09pm]


[his Tony]


[22 Sep 2017|04:55pm]


scientists: Echo & Romeo )

[23 Sep 2017|08:47am]


[Panicked whisper-shouting locked in the hotel room toilet voice message for MCU Nat]
"Nat I'm- I can't hear her- I literally walked into- I'm blind."

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