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[23 Jul 2017|10:01am]


[ MIKE Block ]
So: the powers that be have informed me that Fr. Dussolier disappeared from the kitchens.

I guess we know what his sin was.

[23 Jul 2017|09:58am]


The Sokovian people are noble and are good people. You detained Zemo for no reason and now there are more murders. This very bad mistake. I could have say this wasn't Zemo. No one from Sokovia would play silly game like these.

[23 Jul 2017|08:33am]


You son of a bitch just took the wrong man's girlfriend.

I'm coming after you now.

[23 Jul 2017|09:36am]



We interrupt this live radio broadcast to bring you breaking news from London’s Lambeth Bourough. Tragedy has struck in the night, and three prominent guests of the Renishaw hotel have disappeared. We’re receiving reports that the guest’s names are:

The Disappeared )

Due to the limited resources of Scotland Yard, the Renishaw has set up an internal investigation unit. If you have any information about the last known whereabouts of these people, please visit the Renishaw and share what you know! A life could hang in the balance!

[OOC Note: Zemo has been cleared and released]

[23 Jul 2017|03:30am]


[Hot Sharon]
My group thinks we have enough information to detain a suspect: Zemo.

He really had it out for the Avengers - Steve and myself in particular. He's fought with Wanda on the network and he knows that she and Barton were close. He might have the means to trigger the Winter Soldier brainwashing in Barnes, and I don't like his face.

Also maybe once you're done with that we could grab something to drink and talk about the good old days, like when England had lemons.

[22 Jul 2017|11:44pm]


[Jughead Jones]
So the last date I remember is November 6th, 2016. Where are you at in your world timeline? What's going on in terms of Avengers comics? You've seen Age of Ultron and Civil War, right?

I'm asking because someone seems to be either trying really hard to make this look like HYDRA to throw everyone off their trail, or this actually is HYDRA. But is this too clever for the organization who literally teaches their soldiers to run and hide as part of their policy?

So let's get meta with this shit. What's going on in the comic book world that would be relevant to why someone is offing Avengers and making it look like HYDRA is involved?

Also, I've come up with a list of dynamic duo names for us: Bi-Furious and the Ace, The Wednesdays, The Creeps, The Wonder Queers, and Not the Killers.

[23 Jul 2017|12:26am]

Welcome to the City of the Lost. This island is never in the same place twice, because it floats around the ocean on the back of a giant turtle. You have been brought here to the world of pleasure, because Karma feels like you deserve it. There is no technology on the island, so your phones, laptops and tablets won't work at all. You will wake up in a small palace that you share with 20 others; on your bedside table there's a magic scroll that is used for communication and credit card which contains unlimited credit. The scroll works like a phone, but it only connects to other scrolls on the island.

Wanted Characters


OOC Info

[info]cityofthelost is a sandbox panfandom game based on the Lost Island of Atlantis. All fandoms welcome!



[22 Jul 2017|08:56pm]


[A.A.R.D.V.A.R.K. + Cho]

It's morse or binary. I can play back the file if any of you missed it.

Has anyone seen Maria? She went missing around the same time as Bucky.

Edit, no filter:

Who knows the meaning of the German word glaubigen?

[22 Jul 2017|09:35pm]


Was anyone able to make anything of that transmission? I tried, with various cyphers and equations, but maybe I'm coming at this from the wrong angle.

[November Block]
Nothing worth reporting so far. Anyone seen or heard anything that could be useful?

[22 Jul 2017|07:19pm]


[Filtered to MCU Avengers... or what's left, you jerks]

I found blood in Steve's room. Smear in the shared bathroom, as well as some droplets on the tile.

And apparently the Rogue girl went missing from the streets. Tiny Vision says a bakery. So how is it everyone's disappearing from different places at the same time? Sounds like somebody might still have their powers.

[Filtered to Bucky (MCU)]

I need air. We're going for a walk.

[22 Jul 2017|08:09pm]


Well. It looks like I'm gonna die soon.


Got a list of bars I found on wikipedia that I wrote down on the back of my hand. Heading to the White Room on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Anyone else who wants to get fucked up - or find out what a "seedy west end chorus boy" is (sounds britishy) - is welcome to come.

[22 Jul 2017|07:01pm]


[Filtered to Bruce Banner (616)]
I'm on my wake back from Aldwych. You got Kobik with you?

[ETA: Filtered to Kobik]
Hey, kiddo, where are you? Did you go to the movie?

[ETA: Filtered to Steve Rogers, Logan, Natasha Romanova, Sharon Carter (all 616), Laura, Bruce Wayne (Gotham), Bucky Barnes (AA), KIDS??]
Do any of you happen to have Kobik with you?

[22 Jul 2017|06:46pm]


[OOC: Just after 9 pm, anyone listening to an sort of radio or receiving device will pick up on a static-filled, choppy, potentially encrypted message. The message repeats itself several times, but poor reception makes it impossible to catch more than the following:]

4444-4-44-4944 / 4444-9499-944-494-49 /

999-4944-944 / 4449-44-9494 / 2215 / 444-49-99-444-9-49-994 /
99-4-494-494-9499 / 499-44-944-999-499
4444-44-4944-4494-4 / 949-999-99-99-9 / 4494-449-494 / 944-44-4
/ 994-4944-49-449-9444-44-994-4-94

4444-4-44-4944 / 4444-9499-944-494-49

[22 Jul 2017|05:34pm]



Wow, so if you were following my updates, I thought I was getting dragged back to the real world and getting cancelled because my gimmick was wearing off, but this is SO much cooler. Somebody pinch me!

So obviously I'm here to help with the murder mystery, so I did some digging around! And somebody might have some explaining to do, because I found a ***POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST*** in the trash.

So okay, my theory is that Poe Dameron knocked up Clint Barton's girlfriend... okay, who is writing this arc? That's probably relevant. I was always more of a Mockinghawk shipper, but I know they've been trying to- Wait. No, this is the movie version that went missing. Okay hang on. I got this.

It was Wanda Maximoff because it's always her fault in events! Thanks Bendis! And she's pregnant with... The Pope's baby!

[22 Jul 2017|05:38pm]


We've already lost one of our own, now it looks like there might be another two. I'm determined not to let that happen.

Laura and Kitty need to remain with someone at all times, and we need weapons to protect them.

[22 Jul 2017|06:04pm]


Okay, guys, I'm making this public because I think everyone deserves to know. I just found a set of dolls being advertised that all remarkably resemble specimens here and are dressed in block clothing (save for Deadpool). There are, in order: Poe Dameron, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, the younger Rogue, Laura (Hotel), myself, Deadpool, and Kitty Pryde.

Since the first five have disappeared, I think chances are good that the rest of us in this set of dolls have reason to be worried.

If anyone needs company going anywhere, let me know.

[22 Jul 2017|05:53pm]


Uhhhhhh guys Bucky just gave me a bunch of flowers 'in case he never sees me again' and ran off.


[22 Jul 2017|03:40pm]


I heard that Rogue disappeared on the streets of London.

Any of you guys want to help me scour the streets of London for some insight into Rogue's disappearance? I heard that she was last seen there.

[22 Jul 2017|04:29pm]


I need a circular saw blade of at least ten inches. Ideally one that will fit a Skilsaw Model E. And a propane tank.

That'll be all.

[22 Jul 2017|03:37pm]


[Filtered to Tony Stark (MCU)]
Mr. Stark? Hi. Can you see this? Does it work? I just wanted to check. This is a new tablet. I mean, I'm pretty good with tablets and phones and stuff. My aunt always gets me to fix stuff when there's something wrong with HER phone even though it's a Samsung galaxy and I don't have a Samsung phone. But like this is a weird functionality so I'm not 100% sure if I'm doing it right.

Also. What's the plan?

[Filtered to Michelle Jones]
Are you okay?

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